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“The starting point for the most magnificent ventures is often in barely perceptible occasions." Demosthenes

KONZEPTE HR Consulting

Every organization is based on rules. But where people meet, many rules are informal.

It is not always possible to forge heterogeneous beings into homogeneous units. If the system gets out of hand, it is often easier to identify conflicts, crises and communication deficits than to find the causes. What is needed is an X-ray view that focuses the system through the details and an action whose impulses act at the location of the disturbance and at the same time have a positive effect on the whole. KONZEPTE’s consulting services balance the needs and interests of individuals, aligning their skills and intentions to common goals, thus ensuring better results with more work pleasure.

Coaching is esteem

Social, emotional and professional competence belong together, but they are not all equally pronounced.

Where knowledge is not the bottleneck and seminars are not a solution, KONZEPTE coaching supports people in opening up and unleashing what is hidden within them. Trust is everything, confidentiality is our duty. Coaching is more than just a personal form of further training in which your company invests. Coaching means appreciation and trust at the same time. We are committed to this high standard. Our coaching is dedicated to the individual and keeps his or her social interaction harmoniously in view. First a person grows and then others grow on him.

Training with implementation guarantee

Trained today, applied tomorrow: The best learner is the one who immediately implements and deepens what he has heard.

That’s why we tailor the imparted knowledge to your company’s specific needs and adapt it didactically to practice. Your employees benefit from sustainable transfer impulses and emotional learning experiences as well as from targeted feedback as a driver of sustainable behavioral change. So that your training does not become a watering can, we diagnose what is already there and what is still missing before we start. Supported by modern written and electronic media, we enable reflective and structure-building learning with fun – and focus on everything you need.

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What our clients say

Susanne Burkhardt, Team leader Support of KV-IT GmbH

Practical, up-to-date, informative, individual, open-minded, cordial and many more reasons why we are always happy to work with KONZEPTE GmbH.

Dagmar Gehm, Head of Training and Personnel Development, Schwab Versand GmbH

With KONZEPTE the name is realized Motto: from the beginning to the end, consultants, trainers and the back office have a professional, clearly structured and goal-oriented concept, from which they can deviate at any time due to a high degree of practical experience. Achievement of objectives guaranteed!