Vertrauen. Eine Investition, die sich lohnt.

Trust. An investment that pays off.

"Trust is the big working capital for all companies, without which no useful work can get along. "It creates the conditions for prosperity in all areas." Even today, Albert Schweitzer's words have lost none of their validity. But the reality of many people has cracked. Digitization, Disruption and Industry 4.0 are not just buzzwords, but expressions of an [...]

Veränderungsprozesse Märchen

Change processes and resistance. What the power of fairy tales tells us

Do you remember that? Fairy tales and myths can help to better understand inner resistance that hinders change processes. After heroes have felt a call to change in fairy tales and myths, inner and outer resistance first appears. These prevent the heroes from daring their way into the unknown. Because of a famine Hansel and [...]

Teamentwicklung, Teamleistung, Personalauswahl

Team development in concrete terms. Who should I take on board?

"Chief - can we talk? I have a job offer, one like this, where it's impossible to say ´nein´, you know..." After such a conversation a good cooperation ends soon. What begins is the search for a new team member and with the selection of personnel a new step in team development. A lot depends on their result: [...]