Teamentwicklung, Teamleistung, Personalauswahl

Team development in concrete terms. Who should I take on board?

"Chief - can we talk? I have a job offer, one like this, where it's impossible to say ´nein´, you know..." After such a conversation a good cooperation ends soon. What begins is the search for a new team member and with the selection of personnel a new step in team development. A lot depends on their result: [...]

Inklusion im Unternehmen

Inclusion in the company. Commitment that pays off

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) entered into force in 2008. It describes the right to work for people with disabilities in an open, inclusive and accessible labour market as follows:"States Parties recognise the right of people with disabilities to work on the basis of equality with others [...]

Konzepte GmbH Engagement in Rumänien

Between Walachia and Transylvania – Why we are engaged in Romania

"Toni Erdmann" is on everyone's lips. Maren Ades nominated for an Oscar comedy tells of a difficult father-daughter relationship, which largely takes place against the background of the management world in Romania. Besides the story, the audience will also learn a lot about the economy of the second poorest country in the EU. It becomes apparent how difficult the labour market develops when corporations and [...]


Follow me! The Charisma Dead End

A remarkable article in the ZEIT by Elisabeth Niejahr titled 2011: "Lieber ohne Aura" and asked whether politicians with charisma were outdated and the time of the vain and objective "machinists" had not dawned. Because politicians in the higher sense are always also executives and managers, this question can also be answered for the leadership in the [...]