Welcome to the LEADERSHIP Learning Center

What makes leadership successful today and tomorrow? Which management style is appropriate in which context? What skills do I need as a manager? How can I balance leadership and management in my day-to-day routine? How do I know that an appraisal interview was successful? How much control is necessary and when?

In the modules of the LEADERSHIP Learning Center you can deal with these and many other questions in an entertaining and informative way. The contents of the individual modules are not intended to replace a face-to-face course, but rather to prepare and accompany it. They should impart knowledge, give food for thought, broaden perspectives, create space for reflection – and above all combine learning and fun.

And then when YOU have time and desire!

The individual modules are password-protected and linked to defined KONZEPTE events. They serve above all to minimize the pure transfer of knowledge in the training itself and instead to practice there, to reflect and to receive feedback.